Voted The Best Women Only Surf Retreat in Bali

As Bali’s first  ‘surf camp’ program for women we have had over 16 years of experience teaching a wide range of female surfers and SUP boarders. Because we exclusively  partner with Bali’s award-winning Rip Curl School of Surf  we  ensure our surf sessions are lead by  Rip Curl Australian accredited instructors who follow our program especially designed to introduce you to all levels of surfing in a safe and fun way!

We offer trips to various surf spots based on the best conditions and your capability, so  you have the opportunity to visit the best  surf around Bali by expert  guides. (and not some random guy with a dodgy board)

One favourite trip includes a special uncrowded spot which you travel to by boat where you surf on gentle warm waves.

This is just a few of the reasons why we are the original and have been voted the best surf retreat for women in Bali since we started in 2003.

Our goal is to not just teach women how to surf or SUP on their holiday, but to help create life-long wave riders who will share the “soul of surfing” across all the seas.

Our women’s surfing & SUP program allows you to progress at your own pace throughout the week. You will always feel supported and safe learning at your correct level —whether you have never surfed before or are already an experienced surfer. You will receive personal attention at all times, with individual feedback provided throughout each session. We are always aware of up-to-the-minute conditions—swell, wind and tide, and we take you and your level of skill to the right spot at the right time—from easy beach breaks for beginners up to reef breaks for more experienced surfers and stand up paddle boarders.

We Cater to All Abilities


WE WILL HAVE YOU STANDING YOUR FIRST LESSON! (Yes Really!) We specialize in introducing women to the sport of surfing and stand up paddle boarding for the first time. Our women’s ‘surf camp’ program has been developed for over 16 years in partnership with the professional Rip Curl School of Surf for simplicity and rapid advancement both for surfing and SUP. We will teach you how to easily jump and ride your board with control in the first hour! You will also learn ocean knowledge and water safety, board handling, paddling techniques, forehand and backhand turns and the art of gathering speed on a wave which will have you ready to enjoy surfing green “unbroken waves” with style! We always take our beginners to the right beaches for the right conditions. This means that you will gain confidence quickly and will always be in a safe and supportive environment with accredited instructors.


Best Bali Surf Camp for Women

Our intermediate surf and stand up paddle lessons teach expertise in wave riding and prepares you for more challenging breaks on the reef and outer banks. Based on an in-depth knowledge of the ocean and its characteristics, these intermediate coaching sessions show how to better identify a wave and use it to your advantage. Learn about transitional turns—forehand to backhand, which provide the foundation for the key maneuver in surfing “the cutback”. You will also learn techniques for generating speed, taking off on the angle and using compression and extensions for body positioning and ‘trimming’ the wave. You will also focus on environmental issues such as reading positioning in the lineup, wave selections, surfing rules and etiquette for dealing with crowds and seasoned surfers. This intermediate course is key preparation for reef and large wave riding.


For the more experienced surfers / SUP’ers, our coaches will fine-tune your skills, work with you to extend your ability, and be your guide to the different surf spots in the area. Depending on the swell conditions and your level of experience, our expert guides will work with you to decide which break best fits your ability. Reef surfing requires a wide range of new skills, including in-depth knowledge of tides, reef geography and respect for the power of the ocean. The essential skills covered in intermediate courses are advanced in mastering maneuvers. Learn how to make top and bottom turns, cutbacks and floaters. The advanced courses include further introduction to the ethos of the surf & stand up paddle community and key steps in self development for the fitness and mental strength required for bigger wave surfing.

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