Surf Retreats for Women

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sun-kissed, healthy and trouble free, laughing with your new friends, playing in the warm tropical waves.

Surf Goddess Retreats is the perfect ‘surf camp’ for women who want to learn how to surf. Our women’s surfing program allows you to progress at your own pace throughout the week.

Our lessons are especially designed for women by women, so you are sure to be standing up on the board by the end of your first lesson! As the original Surf Retreat for Women in Bali, we continue to set the standard and be the best choice for women who want to learn to surf in a fun, safe and supportive space.

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Who are surf retreats good for?

Surf Retreats are ideal is you are looking for an effortless all-inclusive surfing holiday. Our surf retreat is perfect for the woman who wants to learn to surf. You don’t need to know how to surf to go to a surf retreat; although you do need to know how to swim and feel comfortable in the ocean. Surf retreats for women are great if you’ve ever felt intimidated about learning to surf and wanted to get professional surf instruction in a fun, safe and female friendly environment. Learning to surf at a retreat is great for people who are looking for a surf community vibe where you can make friendships with surf sisters. Many women make life long friendships and continue to meet up and continue to explore and surf around the world.

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What is a surf retreat?

A surf retreat is similar to a surf camp, but with more luxurious offerings included such as private villas, spa treatments and gourmet meals. Originally surf camps were very basic packages offerings that included accommodation, food, surf lessons and equipment. A surf retreat will also usually include yoga and other wellbeing activities to create a holistic holiday that also focuses on mind, body and spiritual development alongside the surf sessions.

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What are the benefits of a surf retreat?

Surf retreats allow participants to progress their surfing skills quickly in a short period of time. Surf retreats provide professional instructors that will always have you feeling supported and safe by learning on boards and waves at your correct level.

Experienced and certified surf instructors will teach you step by step, from the basics of surfing/ for beginners to novices, through to advanced techniques for more experienced participants.

Top surf retreats are held at the world’s best surfing locations such a Bali. The most popular locations have warm water temperatures averaging 28C/84F and consistent surf all year round so you can be almost guaranteed to get good waves during the week of your retreat.

The other main benefit of a surf retreat is that everything is taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about any of the logistics while on a surf retreat. Your transportation to different surf breaks and all retreat activities are arranged for you. All your meals are prepared everyday; and all surf equipment is provided for you…so all you need to do is show up and enjoy!

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How to pick a good surf retreat?

The Surf Retreat Destination

Although expectations can be high when booking a surf retreat, it’s best to do your research first. You will want to know when there are likely to be waves at your chosen destination. At the majority of locations, it won’t always be swell season. There are rare exceptions like Bali which is a relatively small island where at different times of the year swell will switch from the West coast to the East coast, so there is surf all year round. This is not the case for locations that only have access to one coastline.

If you attend a surf retreat at a particular time of year, you may be disappointed by flat seas and no waves. However, if you’re attending a Bali surf camp, you’re guaranteed to find waves on either coast all year.

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Find Your Tribe: How to create lasting, loving relationships

The Surf Breaks

Although there are many locations that claim to be suitable for all levels of surfing, it’s very rare for that to be true. Every beach or reef break will be suited to a different type of surfer, whether it’s a beginner or expert. At a well-run surf retreat, you will be offered to go to a variety of breaks – not just one location directly in front of where the surf camp is located. If only one location is offered it would be best to do some independent research and find out if that spot is really suitable for your level. When you attend a professionally run surf retreat, surf sessions will be led by accredited surf instructors and guide who have a lot of local break and wave knowledge.

The members of staff and other surfers at retreat will be able to best advise you on which surf spots will suit your level. Ideally you would be able to go surfing in a specific group that has other guests at your same level, so you’ll only ever visit places that are safe for you to surf.

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Water Temperature

Another important weather factor to consider is that most surf retreats will not be able to offer warm water all year round. Ideal surf conditions have always been to have warm water as it allows you to stay out longer and enjoy surfing without the restrictions of wearing a rubber wetsuit and also ear protection in order to prevent surfers ear which is more prone to happen in cold water surfing.

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What will I learn on a surf retreat?

For Beginner Surfers

Our Beginner surf lessons will teach you how to:

  • Successfully jump and ride your board in the first hour!
  • Essential ocean knowledge and water safety
  • Wave Knowledge – How to choose the right waves
  • Safe board handling and how to fall off safely
  • Paddling techniques
  • How to turn your board
  • How to use the waves energy to gain speed gathering speed on a wave which will have you prepared to enjoy surfing green “unbroken waves” with style!

On well-run surf retreats, beginners are taken to the right beaches for the right conditions.

This means that you will gain confidence quickly and will always be in a safe and supportive environment with accredited instructors.

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For Intermediate Surfers

Intermediate surf lessons teach expertise in wave riding and prepares you for more challenging breaks on the reef and outer banks.

Our intermediate surf coaching will teach you how to:

  • Improve wave selection by identifying how to choose the best waves to ride
  • How to take off on the angle of a wave
  • How to make transitional turns—forehand to backhand, which provide the foundation for the key maneuverer in surfing “the cutback”.
  • Best techniques for generating speed and using compression and extensions for body positioning and ‘trimming’ the wave.
  • Learn surfing rules and etiquette for dealing with crowds and seasoned surfers
  • Learn how to navigate reef surfing and other larger wave riding techniques.

This intermediate course is key preparation for reef and large wave riding.

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What happens on a surf retreat?

A well-planned surf retreat will take you to the best surf breaks for your level at the best time to catch the best waves. Usually this is in the morning as the wind tends to pick up as the day goes one, so surfers head out in the morning to catch ‘glassy’ surf. The best time to surf also depends on the tides. Different surf breaks will work best on different tides, and the tides change daily with the phase of the moon. It can be quite a science to find the right tide and break combination, so surf session times will always be flexible. After surfing your retreat will offer a balance of personal time for relaxation, spa pampering alongside sightseeing adventure and spiritual activities like yoga and meditation.

What happens on a surf retreat?

Here is a sample Itinerary of a day on our Bali Surf Retreat for Women:

  • Morning – Breakfast / Surf Sessions (these start early and depend on the best tide time)
  • Afternoon – Lunch / Spa Treatments / Personal Time
  • Late Afternoon – Yoga & Meditation / Workshops
  • Evening – Dinner / Personal Time

Surf Retreat Inclusions

Surf Goddess Retreats

20 Years Of Teaching Women Surfing

Established in 2003, Surf Goddess was the first ‘surf retreat’ for women who want to go on a ‘surf camp’, but with all the inclusions found on a luxury vacation. The Surf Goddess coaching program was inspired by our founder, who was taught surfing by a woman, and realized that women learn surfing differently than men and that we needed our own approach for introducing women to surfing…at any age or fitness level.

From there we developed a surf retreat program that that holistically address women’s unique physical strengths and challenges, our relationship to the ocean and our goals and intentions of why we want to surf.

Our mission is still the same today, which has always been not just teach women how to surf on their holiday, but to help create a generation of women wave riders who will share the soul of surfing around the world.

We have introduced thousands of women to surfing. If you are a beginner and have never surfed before, you are going to surprise yourself by standing up on the board by the end of your first lesson!   We also respect that every woman is on her own journey and our women’s surfing program allows you to progress comfortably at your own pace throughout the week.

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Surf Goddess is Best if:

  • You want to learn with female focused lessons
  • You want to improve your surfing skills noticeably in a week
  • You want to surf world class tropical breaks
  • You want to explore Bali and connect with like-minded surf sisters
  • You want unlimited spa pampering
  • You want to travel solo without feeling alone
  • You want a surf retreat that feels like it was made just for you and your surf level

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Surf Retreat Package Inclusions:

  • 7 Days / 6 Nights at our Divine Bali Retreat Sanctuary
  • Peace of mind traveling with a world leading retreat for women since 2003
  • Experienced retreat facilitators available 24/7 who will ensure you have a magical holiday
  • Itinerary concierge to help customize your dream retreat
  • Complimentary transfers to & from airport and local hotels
  • Complimentary 3pm late check out

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Fun & Safe Surfing

  • 5 Group surf lessons or guided trips
  • Ratio of 1 instructor : 3 students ensuring safety and confidence
  • Australian accredited Instructors qualified to international standards
  • You will receive personal attention at all times, with individual feedback provided throughout each session
  • Complete surfing equipment – everything you need!
  • Boat trip to a secret spot where you surf on  gentle waves (conditions dependant)

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Spa, Yoga & Bliss

  • Unlimited Hours of rejuvenating spa treatments every day – With your choice of massages, scrubs, facials and more…
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation sessions in our open air yoga shala
  • Complete yoga equipment – Mats, Bolsters, Blocks, Blankets, Straps & Eye Masks
  • 1 x Follow Your Bliss Day – Your choice from a selection of 18 cultural, adventure or relaxation experiences around Bali listed below

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Wellness & Workshops

  • Personalized Goddess Glow wellness menu lovingly prepared by our chefs – 16 delicious meals including Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners – Detox Cleanse Option Available
  • Unlimited purified spring water, freshly brewed coffee, teas, tonics, juices and smoothies
  • Unlimited freshly healthy treats every afternoon from freshly made bliss balls to tropical fruit platters
  • Special Retreat Workshops from Balinese Offering Making, Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, Journaling, Jamu Making**
  • Goddess Wellness Bags with gifts for your retreat experience
    • Eco – Friendly Tote
    • Surf Goddess Rash Guard
    • Ceremony Sarong
    • Goddess Glow Gifts

    *2 meals not included so that our guests can enjoy sampling some of Bali’s fantastic dining experiences) our guests can experience
    **subject to availability on dates

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Comfort & Peace of Mind

  • Luxury room amenities including kimono robes, hairdryers and spa toiletries
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Nightly Turn Down Inspirational Gifts
  • Complimentary local telephone calls
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access
  • Dedicated drivers and air-conditioned cars to transport you around Bali
  • Experience the best of Bali with a retreat that is annually awarded Trip Advisors Cerificate of Excellence for consistently exceeding our guests’ expectations for 20 years
  • Pre and Post Retreat Travel Assistance  – if you wish to spend more time in Bali

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Come join us to laugh and learn the thrilling sport of surfing in Bali.

As Bali’s first ‘surf camp’ for women we have 20 years of experience teaching beginner to intermediate female surfers.

Awaken the Surf Goddess in You!

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